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The Komorebi Life

by Renita Wollberg on 0 Comments

The most important thing a person can do for skin and hair care is often times over looked by the industry.  So many products to choose from and so many scents for skin, mustache care, beard grooming and hair, but the bottom line is that stress and depression can cause skin blemishes, rashes, blotches and even hair to fall out!  Everything done for the outside of a person, is secondary to what is done for the inside of a person.  

Today I am launching my blog in hopes that as a senior myself, my thoughts of life and practical experience can help others to gain perspective on serenity and the grand scheme of things in life. After all, "life is short",  says the great doctor Hippocrates in his first aphorism. This is true. Time is relative. The longer I live, the faster time passes me by. 

Time is a component of life that must be filled.  Too much time on a person's hands causes stress just the same as not enough.  Filling that time in meaningful ways, in my experience, is better if a variety of things can happen.  

Many years ago, our family was moving over seas. I had a daunting task to organize long term storage, professional goods, household goods and four young children clothes and school supplies.  Then, the passports, visas, immunizations and all types of documents to organize and it all had to be done within eight days!  There was so much to do that I noticed small red dots on my skin and slight itchiness in the evenings just before bed.  At first I thought it might be a new soap or shampoo that I was using. No. Then I thought it might be a new laundry detergent I was using. No. In the back of my mind I thought it could be plain and simple stress. Yes.  I was a wreck.  My skin showed it.  Relaxing however, was easier said that done. 

One of the things I did was taking a nature break. It does really help to go into a quiet spot, even if in a park with trees and trails. Breath the fresh air. Look at the colors. Listen to the birds. Use all your senses to interact with it. But you will find that even in a time crunch, the work moves along faster being refreshed. I read somewhere that even pictures of nature trails can make a marvelous difference in attitudes, if you are not able to get outside.  

This began my journey in Komorebi.  Its meaning: "Light falling on the ground through the trees." Starting with light, it gives a bigger picture of serenity and yes, we can enjoy this journey.  Life is short. Make every day an effort to walk in peace.


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