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Fiesta Green Nail Polish

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Have you ever opened a bottle of nail polish and began having a throbbing headache because the fumes were so irritating?  There are various reactions to chemicals that are present in many oil-based polishes.  But with a few revisions, there is a better way.  Komorebi non-toxic nail polish is water based acrylic paint with ingredients that do not cause harm to young people, or the young at heart. There are no endocrine disrupting chemicals and o VOC fumes, therefore safe for the chemically sensitive.  

Fiesta Green, Komorebi Non-toxic nail polish has a two step approach application. No peeling or chipping when you allow each coat to dry completely. Color will be matte before adding top coat for beautiful gloss. Komorebi non-toxic nail polish is hard and long lasting.  Dries quickly. Not unlike other polishes, you must keep out of water for 2 hours after application.  Afterward, enjoy life full force, taking comfort that when you want to remove it, you will not need harsh chemicals. Simply remove with isopropyl alcohol. Its that easy for peace of mind.

Always shake holding firmly to glass never with cap.

15 ml (.50 oz)  


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