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Grape Seed Moisture by Night

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Grape Seed Moisture by Night is made with the light creamy texture of Grape Seed oil, for the skin loving antioxidants for every age.  It delivers light moisture for daytime hydration. A touch of Olive oil and Jojoba oil work together in concert to bring you the nourishing fatty acids needed to help make skin smooth and supple. Coconut Moisture by Day is a stand-alone product recommended for nourishing sun damaged skin and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. This formulation is fragrance free until you decide to customize it with your choice of a botanical essence blend. These botanical essence compositions are all natural, living essential oils and absolutes. They are orchestrated and diluted at just the exact ratios so not to disrupt delicate skin. These essences were chosen for their skin loving benefits, to bring out the skin's natural beauty. Choose from three botanical essence blends, or keep it essence free. It is up to you.

Green Meadow Essence blend

Green Meadow is loaded with skin loving benefits that help reduce the free radicals and toxins that form on the surface of the skin.  Geranium Absolute is highly advantageous in reducing the signs of scaring and promoting cell regeneration. Bergamot Essential Oil with vitamin C from the rind of citrus helps prevent allergic reactions with natural anti-histamine qualities. Bergamot EO is fantastic for people who live with acne, or other painful cysts and sensitive skin. Amyris EO is known for many anti-anxiety and calming effects, but is also equal in anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, Green Meadow Essence has only a small percent of Carrot Seed oil to promote quality skin refreshing benefits of Vitamin A. It has been known for centuries in soothing eczema and psoriasis. Not so oddly enough, carotenoid preparations are used to treat severe acne, which comes from the carrot. Enjoy all these benefits in the tiny drops provided by this Green Meadow Essence composition.

Tangerine Cocoa Essence blend

Those who love Tangerine EO, already know the antiseptic and anti-spasmodic qualities it has.  But did you know that according to Chinese herbalism, Tangerine EO can also help to regenerate new skin cell growth and stimulate the skin to heal and repair.  Cocoa Absolute has always been considered a luxury in many cultures and even for the ancient Aztecs, it was used as an aphrodisiac. It simply makes you feel good. The divine aroma lives a long time on your skin reviving your mind. Clary Sage EO is the perfect power-mate for cocoa. It helps keep the mind calm and reduces stress and anxiety through the olfactory system. Your sense of smell can, in fact bring you to a change of mood! The base note in this essence blend is Frankincense EO.  Thousands of years testify to the influence Frankincense has on the nervous system.  It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.  Studies have shown (Christine Ruggeri, CHHC March 16, 2020) that it can help with the immune system. An uplifting blend, your skin will thank you.

Flower Essence blend

This fragrance is sweet and floral. The base note is Labdanum Absolute, which is from the Rockrose family. In Bach flower remedy, it relates to the qualities of steadfastness and courage, the following flowers were chosen for their strength, Geranium Rose Oil excellent for skin with anti-aging properties. It helps in the transforming of damaged skin by reducing swelling and protecting the skin from environmental toxins. Ylang Ylang Absolute introduces a powerful floral of velvety nature.  Folk lore tells of the flower giving confidence.  The processing of Ylang Ylang absolute, filters out any would be allergens.  As a safer alternative to the benefits of this intoxicating blend. Lastly, the top note in this orchestration, is Holy Basil. There is a wide variety of health promoting benefits for this herb native to India.  but the most common praise is its ability to boost resilience in stress.  

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