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Hand & Body Balsam

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Komorebi Hand & Body Balsam is made with rice bran oil, jojoba oil and olive oil that hydrates your skin without being greasy or heavy feeling.  It will bring your skin to life and keep it hydrated.  Rice Bran oil has been used in Japan for centuries due to its high content of vitamin E known for its anti-oxidant properties. There are also high levels of phytosterols present in rice bran oil that are naturally anti-inflammatory for the skin.  It sooths conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, bringing healing and relief to damaged skin.  Jojoba oil and Olive oil together work in concert with rice bran oil for a smooth texture and creamy feel. The fresh scent is made with Balsam of Peru essential oils making it a natural alternative to the chemically laden fragrances of today. The airless pump bottle gives you every drop of the 145 grams (8 ounces) inside. You will notice the difference with Komorebi Hand and Body Balsam.
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